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Brief 11. Albino Boutique

Albino Boutique_Pink Artist Promo from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

Brief 9. D&AD

D&AD. Make Your Mark installation - Behind The Scenes from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

Making of D&AD "Make Your Mark" '14 installation from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

D&AD_Make Your Mark_Tell a Story_Specifically Unspeciffic from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

Brief 8. Brother strawberry

Brief 10. Reflector

Brief 7. Dr. Me

Brief 6. Leeds Market

Brief 5. Penguin

Brief 4. Christmas Cards.

Brief 2. Adopt a Band. Boards. Evaluation

What skills have You developed throughout this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

Adopt a Band was a self-initiated project that was started in order to united designers and musicians. As a self initiated project we had to come up with ways of promoting and keeping it going and live without outside help. That was the most challenging bit as well as setting ourselves deadlines as there never was any rush with it. We spent most of the time conceptualising and coming up with ideas for visuals and setting ourselves tasks and challenges that would lead us to more views and notices. I developed branding and web skills. I’ve improved with photography and collaborative skills. Also realised that self-initiated projects should have quite strict deadlines and a constant working time. Me and Suzanne both enjoyed collaborating as it came quite naturally to us. We were even thinking to use ‘Adopt A Band’ for our start up business but due to circumstances it became just a collaborative project that hopefully will run through even in the future.

What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on them?

Working together with another person was an interesting experience and I have learned so many different skills and ways of looking to a project. We also looked into business planning side and considered possible profits and outcomes. We managed to get bands interested but then we realized that we didn't have enough time to actually pursue the ‘making’ and ‘doing’ of their requests so we decided to put it off until the deadlines ended. We notified everyone through e-mails and social media about the changes. Communication has been one of our strengths and sharing responsibilities between each other.

Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

1. Strict deadlines. Looking back I think more could have been done if we had more strict deadlines and clearer outcomes and a yearly aim. For the next upcoming year of Adopt A Band we will need a clearer aim and deadlines as well as planning in where will the work hours go into?
2. Expectations. Sometimes putting expectations high might lead you to not being able to focus on the process. Thinking ahead is good until it keeps your head in the game and helps you concentrate on what’s in front of you.
3. Execute the project. Great execution is the main thing that will bring success to any project. I feel there wasn’t enough coverage about the project. Even though we used social media I feel we could have gotten more attention if involving more people and actually collaborating with more bands through the year which we will do in the future.
4. Don’t try to put two apples in one mouth. Being selfish can sometimes stop the project from growing. I think this project could have grown more if more people were to collaborate on it. We wanted to do all these great projects and help all these bands but didn't plan the time to actually do that that left us postponing the project opening and start/ Sometimes evaluating our own separate projects is as important as the project itself, Considering the outside world is definitely going to become a thing in my life. Feasibility and doability according to resources.
5. Find ways to get payed. A project this big needs a sponsor in order to proceed with the idea and have time to do that. I think the time has come to start considering the costs for everything and trying to get sponsors or get paid for the projects.

5 being best, 1 being bad.

Attendance 5
Punctuality  4
Motivation  5
Commitment  3
Quantity of work produced  4
Quality of work produced  5
Contribution to the group  5

Brief 1. Tamarillo. Boards. Evaluation.

What skills have You developed throughout this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

Project management skills are one of the most important ones throughout this project.I have learned how to collaborate and work with different ideas at once and how to set deadlines and meet deadlines. We got to show our ideas out there in the real world and I have learned the importance of team play and depending. Even though in the beginning of the year I remember having a comment from Amber Smith that working with that many brief in collaboration might be risky and I agree that it is and were and yet again I am proud to say that all the collaborations have worked out and saw the end line even though from within s**t might have happened. Tamarillo is one of them. Me and Suzanne found it easy to share responsibilities and communicate with the band. The band was so happy with the work produced that this collaboration will extend further in the future. The hardest bit was the last “Came&Went” music video collaboration that involved a lot of planning which I was responsible for. yet again everything worked out wel land we even managed to use social media in the right was of finding the dancer and were sponsored by sandwhich.co.uk and chiarafashion.com.

Concept development - the Tamarillo identity has developed through the year in so many different ways. It was probably the most conceptual piece that I have ever worked on personally. The concept itself was a concept within. It being innovative and interactive and requesting the audience to engage with the piece and the band.

Working with a client - Tamarillo is a start up band that is close to my heart and personally I dealt with the client as with a friend and in every step of the way tried to inform him about any decision making. It proved that having the ‘client’ on your side proved to be useful and less stressful. Also we could take more risks and have less stress if anything went wrong.

What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on them?

Collaboration is definitely one of my strengths. I love working with many different people. In the future I am planning to work alone a bit more just so I would be confident in working both ways as collaboration I do not find a struggle anymore I want to capitalise and gain confidence in working alone as I see how that would benefit in collaborative work as well. I also learned that logo design is actually one of my favourite parts of branding and identity which I only discovered through this project. I’m aiming to work with more start-ups in the future which will lead identity and branding skill development. I also realised that without note-making I could possibly forget and leave my head - more of that in the future (note making).

There are two types of people in the industry - the ones that start and the ones that finish. I am definitely the one that starts. I don’t find it hard to start and motivate a new project or in this case music video. At the beginning of the idea I’m the one who will arrange, meet, talk, find and make but once the end comes - I need a push to finish off. I should probably address this in my future career and not make myself feel bad about not being able to finish but constantly wanting to start. yet again I will not let this be an excuse to never finish anything, actually trough the summer I am going to finish off all my projects on my own so I can grow as a creative and push myself outside my comfort zone.

Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

1. Initiate more - talk less. It’s an important life practice that I have learned through the year. Talking can only be worth if you want to become a lecturer or a public speaker (which is a very useful skill that I definitely will practice in the future for the future TED talk) but if you want to get stuff done. Plan & action. In every project there has to be an initiator and I don’t mind being that as I do not give up after a defeat (Gold Again) and rather than feeling bad about an idea I move on and do an even better one.
2. Ask people for help even if you scared that you might not get it. The only way to move forward is to ask people. ask for help, ask for support or ask for money. I am still dealing with overcoming myself every single time I ask for help. Being brave and sometimes bold is not something that comes naturally. I think the only thing separating from asking for a favour and not being able to be confident about your abilities is when when people ask and if they don’t get the expected answer they give up or even worse fail. Always have a plan b and never ask people to do something that you would not be willing to do. That’s just lazy really.
3. Don’t control and don’t make up rules. As I got to work in collaboration I learned to let go and yet sometimes i do try to control and sometimes it doesn’t always end up well. I am still learning. I hope in the future I will do less control You need to trust the people you work with meaning the people you do the work for and the people that do the work with you/. Everyone has a clear idea of what they are doing. let them live their dreams as well as you're living yours.
4. Have arguments earlier. One wise person has told me that an argument is a way to check your friendship and if it crumbles - it was not strong enough. Once communication goes down - you lose collaboration. I wish I had more arguments with the people I worked with.
5. Make sure you notice peoples accomplishments and effort. Team work only works well if everyone is putting their full effort into it and trusts each other so it’s very important everyone get’s recognised for it.

5 being best, 1 being poor.

Attendance 4
Punctuality  4
Motivation  4
Commitment  4
Quantity of work produced  5
Quality of work produced  5
Contribution to the group  5

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Brief 6. GIF.

To demonstrate how the logo would work I created a gif of the logo: